3 Reasons To Service Your Volvo With Us …

You’ll get ORIGINAL Volvo parts

Every Volvo car deserves original Volvo parts. We are able to provide genuine and original Volvo parts that offer the highest quality and best fit for your car.

You’ll get a Volvo-trained technician

Our team has over 30 years of exclusive Volvo experience. This means we have an intricate knowledge of how your car works, and what it needs to keep it running at its best.

You’ll be happy and satisfied

We provide unparalleled service to owners of out-of-warranty Volvos. From the time you drop your car off until the time it rolls off our workshop floor, we guarantee a friendly and pleasant experience every time

Scandanavian Auto Works

Volvo is famous for its safety first. At Scandanavian Auto Works, we ensure that all work carried out on your Volvo is of the highest standard. The small volume of vehicles we service ensures that each and every client gets highly personalized, individual attention, and no detail is spared.

We have the correct diagnostic equipment to ensure that your Volvo is serviced and maintained according to factory specifications. We also only use ORIGINAL Volvo parts. This means that unless specifically requested by you, no generic parts will ever be fitted to your Volvo.

Our open-door policy, friendly and fast service, personal touch, and attention to detail is what sets us firmly apart from the rest.

All Volvo Owners Deserve Peace Of Mind

When you service your Volvo at Scandanavian Auto Works, we guarantee affordable, top quality workmanship from the time you drop your car off until the time it rolls off our workshop floor.

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