3 Reasons to Service Your Volvo with Us …


You’ll get ORIGINAL Volvo parts.
Every Volvo car deserves original Volvo parts. We are able to provide genuine and original Volvo parts that offer the highest quality and best fit for your car.
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You’ll get a Volvo-trained technician.
Our team has over 17 years of exclusive Volvo experience. This means we have an intricate knowledge of how your car works, and what it needs to keep it running at its best.
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You’ll be happy and satisfied.
We provide unparalleled service to owners of out-of-warranty Volvos. From the time you drop your car off until the time it rolls off our workshop floor, we guarantee a friendly and pleasant experience every time.
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Highly Recommended by Happy Clients …

“I highly recommend Revolve as a quality alternative to expensive dealer workshops. Their friendly staff and hands-on approach by their lead technician made me feel extremely comfortable that my Volvo was in good hands. They are very fast, efficient and honest – rare qualities in today’s world! You have gained a customer for life. Thank you!”

– Adrian Marnewick, Volvo S40

“Revolve have kept my Volvo running smoothly despite its high mileage. I’ve never had a problem that they could not solve, and they have always been the most affordable when compared to quotes received from other workshops. I highly recommend them.

– Frikkie van Zyl, Volvo 850R

“I have been to Revolve on 3 different occasions, and each time I am amazed by Robert and Elmarie’s service. My first experience was when it felt like my motor had a major rattle. Elmarie suggested I pop around ASAP so that Robert could have a quick look at it. When I pulled into the garage I realised that all the bays were full and they were rather busy, but Robert dropped what he was busy with and stuck his head into my engine bay. He could easily have suggested I leave the car there and charged me an hours labour, but within a couple of minutes, he found a loose air hose and clipped it back in. He took the car around the block with me to confirm that all was fine, and sent me on my way – no charge!”

– Nadia de Jager, Volvo XC70

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